Affordable Window Cleaners- They Do Exist!

 What Does Affordable Mean to You?

Paying for professional window cleaning can be viewed with joy or it can be viewed as a somewhat painful but necessary expenditure. On the far ends of the opinion spectrum, it can also be no big deal or out of the question due to the ‘outrageous’ prices professionals ask for.
As with most anything, of course, the idea of affordable varies among those who are paying. Residential window cleaning costs are considered by some to be no real financial strain and a reasonable part of a maintenance program. Many others view it as an occasional treat to themselves or an ‘expensive’ yet important outlay of money to have a pleasing experience viewing the beautiful outdoors of northeastern Pennsylvania. Whatever the case, paying for a professional window cleaner should yield positive results.

Consider the Value, Not Just the Cost!

I can’t define value for you and you can’t define value for me. Still, something to consider is what you will gain when hiring a professional window cleaner- that is if realistically, you cannot handle the task safely or effectively on your own. You will gain significant time to focus on something else you need to do or are more confident you can do. Let’s say you are having some friends and family over to your home for a once-in-a-lifetime weekend. They are important to you and you may want to impress them or, better yet, make everything about their stay pleasant. A clean house, clean and pretty surroundings, and of course clean windows, are likely going to be high on your to-do list. You are already a bit stressed trying to make everything just right in the finite time left. Tackling the potentially time-consuming and tricky task of getting all your windows cleaned, and cleaned well, may be overwhelming and a cause of stress. The cost to hire a professional may easily be worth it when considering the value of cutting out the stress and large chunk of time. Almost everything in life is a trade-off and your choice can be your win.
Another thought on value: You may like to go to your favorite restaurant as often as you can. It’s not a cheap outing, but the enjoyment of the meal and the company, and also the fact that you can talk about it regularly with friends is of high value- a value that outweighs the cost. If you love clean windows, you may rank this as a treat you are more than happy to spend some money for.
In fairness, going with a more frugal choice may be good enough for many homeowners. Many use store-bought products that promise professional results with little effort. An earlier article I wrote touches on this option. Some professional window cleaners promote their service based on price and are willing to beat the competition. Is it a risk to go with price alone? You truly won’t know unless you make that choice.

Think Long-term as well

Your property, whether you own or rent it, is where you spend quality time. The difference between looking out dirty windows or clean windows is not to be minimized. And I am not even close to one of those companies that focuses on ringing alarms in your head about how your windows and your life will be ruined if you don’t hire us, and hire us today. It is true, though, that over time uncleaned or poorly cleaned windows will literally suffer and not look quite perfect anymore, even with a good cleaning. So yes, maintenance is a really good idea. Many of my customers simply add yearly window cleaning or several window cleanings each year into their budget. This plan should truly reveal if professional window cleaning is affordable.
If you live in northeastern Pennsylvania and want to see how great it is to have clean windows without breaking the bank and maybe your back, reach out to us!
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