How Long Should You Have to Wait to Get Your Residential Windows Cleaned?

Today or Tomorrow May Not be Reasonable

The Best Service Options May Take a Little Time

In most countries, people now have more information at their fingertips within seconds than ever before. Perhaps we have become accustomed to, or at least have the expectation, that personal services can be delivered to us at the snap of a finger. Barring supply issues, that privilege, if you will, is more likely to be the case with goods as opposed to services. When it comes to service requests, the length of wait is often largely congruent with how well-established and recommended the service company is. In fairness, some large companies that offer a variety of home services use a network of subcontractors to fulfill requests and may be able to get you scheduled sooner than a company that you would deal with directly can. One other factor that comes to mind is that the relative scarcity or abundance of companies providing your sought-after service will determine how quickly you can get what you’re looking for.

Timing is Everything

There are categories of services that have busy and slow seasons. Some are related to customer demand. Some are related to climate, such as window cleaning,  power washing, and roof cleaning. The colder the weather, the more difficult it is to perform these outdoor services. That said, you likely would have far less of a wait for these home services if you can manage to find a company that never ‘closes’ and is willing to do what it takes to get it done. I happen to own and manage a residential window cleaning company in a colder climate and was recently able to provide a full service for a customer living at the foot of a ski mountain as shown in the photo below. The air temperature upon arrival was 18F, but by the time I started working outside it was very close to 32. I was able to schedule it and do it with less than a week’s notice. As I read comments from colleagues in industry groups online, the wait time is similar, very short, when there is little demand. When the demand is high, such as in the warmer months and in conjunction with special events at homes which normally are also planned for warmer months, the wait time may be a month or even significantly more.
Ski lift nature example

Plan Ahead If You Can

The point is, it is probably not reasonable to expect a reputable and experienced service company such as one that provides residential window cleaning, to be there ‘tomorrow’ during the busy season. You may be fortunate and find such a one that will deliver quality service and is in the early stages of growth. Chances are, if they continue on the right path business-wise, you will not be able to get that type of ‘immediate’ service as time goes by. Some companies hire seasonal workers for just this situation, that is to optimize the opportunity for a large share of the demand. The wait for you as a homeowner may be less than when using a company that keeps the same core staff year-round. But you may get less experienced technicians as well.
Clearly, there are several things to consider when building up an expectation for how soon you can get someone to your house for your required service.
My suggestion, based on decades of experience, is if you can commit to scheduling your next service while your window cleaners or whoever else it may be are still on the premises, you will instantly be at an advantage. I’m personally happy as a service provider to schedule months or even a year in advance. It’s a win-win. You as a homeowner don’t have to scramble at the last minute in desperate hopes of getting a good company to clean your windows and I, the contractor, can start to fill what will become a jam-packed schedule with priority customers.
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