How Good Are Cleaning Companies at Window Cleaning?

Is window cleaning part of ordinary cleaning?

Every aspect of cleaning is unique

There is no question that some cleaning companies truly have a knack for many aspects of cleaning such as polishing furniture, dusting, bathrooms, attention to detail in vacuuming, and so on. Cleaning windows, at least high-visibility ones, are often part of what is expected of cleaning services.

Window cleaning, common or specialized?

One of the long-running jokes is “I don’t do windows”. That often is really true among house cleaning companies or office cleaning companies. Some do offer to include window washing as part of their overall service. It is very possible for such companies to produce good results, especially when the windows are easy to access. I often offer window washing at houses where they have a professional cleaning service coming by regularly and see pretty clean windows. That is impressive. In many homes or offices, though, there are windows that are harder to access or are more than just a little dirty. This is where ‘specialized’ abilities or tools come into play.

Many windows are not ‘ordinary’

If access to some windows requires more than a human reach, perhaps a pole or ladder, then there could be a real issue with attaining quality results that a dedicated window cleaning company would produce.
High half circle window cleaning on ladder
As this picture bears out, some windows require tall ladders to be reached. Not every cleaning company has a vehicle that can carry such equipment. Many only need to use a regular car or small SUV to conduct their business successfully. Besides the mere use of ladders, safety is a very high consideration in this circumstance. Not to be forgotten is the possibility that even easy-to-reach windows may have contaminants that are very difficult to get off with a spray cleaner and a rag or mop and squeegee. When special cleaners and tools are necessary to take care of such problems, the issue probably goes beyond what a general cleaning service offers.

Seeking help from a professional window cleaning company can be a win/win

I’ve found in my 3+ decades of life as a window cleaner, that knowing what I can handle and what I would best refer out is key to keeping customers happy. I have been largely unsuccessful in providing house cleaning services along with my fortes; window washing, power washing, and gutter cleaning. Likewise, I have been able to help many reputable local cleaning companies with some more difficult window cleaning needs that they would rather not take on. When professional cleaning companies work in harmony instead of tearing each other down out of fear of losing out on revenue, it almost always turns out to be a win/win. Add to that a win for the most important component- the home or business owner.
Gutter cleaning example House being pressure washed
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