Power Washing or Pressure Washing?

Power Washing or Pressure Washing?

“Pressure” Can Connote Either Effectiveness or Danger

To some, the word pressure translates to power; power that will obliterate any dirt or grime off anything. To others who may think a bit more cautiously, pressure means destroying siding, awnings, lawn furniture, and everything else it hits. It is true that pressure washing can be very effective when employed properly and in the right situations. But consider the fact that if you can draw your name on vinyl siding or a picnic table with enough pressure coming out of a nozzle with a small orifice, the potential danger of damaging property is real.

“Power” Sounds Safer

Is power washing somehow a lighter version of pressure washing? Could it be a euphemism of sorts to divert attention to the potential danger of unbridled usage of high pressure? This article will not go deep into the technical terms that professional pressure washers use or the specifics of the tools, machines, and accessories that allow proper and safe results. As a pressure washing contractor, I’ve noticed that some of my colleagues use the term “non-pressure” for certain types of highly specialized tasks such as roof cleaning. This would certainly put many minds at ease if they are worried about a contractor leaving behind a scene of mayhem from property destruction. Is this term going too far?

Professional Cleaning Contractors Simply Do it the Right Way

It really comes down to semantics, in my opinion. A contractor with a machine that provides more force than spraying from a bottle or garden hose does is wielding significant power and in most applications more pressure than the aforementioned. The potential for damage must be understood, respected, and controlled. On the other hand, the potential to deliver amazing results that would require an enormous outlay of time and effort from a property owner doing it the old-fashioned way is quite an attractive proposition. There is a large array of machines, hoses, wands, and nozzles that allow a professional to clean almost anything with relative ease and achieve great results. So, power washing or pressure washing involves definite power and definite pressure, both to be respected.
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