What Is The Best Window Cleaning Product?

Is Windex the Best Window Cleaning Product?

There are many store-bought and homemade choices

I happen to own and run a professional window cleaning company based out of Honesdale, Pennsylvania
In my 3+ decades in this line of service, I have been asked by countless people who see me at a storefront, as well as homeowners if I use Windex. I don’t personally, but that doesn’t mean I dislike that extremely popular window washing solution. I have used it. When I first started out, I tried just about anything that looked promising or that people suggested. At least I obtained some good overall experience! One thing I have learned is that there is no single ready-to-use window cleaner that is perfect for any job. Most of them are decent in relatively ideal conditions, none are perfect as-is for every task.

You need to use your knowledge and take control!

What I refer to is the fact that there are a variety of circumstances that a window cleaner has to consider to form the best ‘game plan’. What has accumulated on the glass? Grease from the kitchen or exhaust fumes in a garage? Soapy or dirty water splashed from sinks? Are there smokers in the house or is wood burned in the house? Less than ideal ventilation in combination with propane heat? Dried and baked on cleaning solutions from earlier efforts to wash the windows? It goes on, but this should make clear the concept of needing to know more than just what product to use. If what is making your windows dirty is not completely dissolved and removed from the glass and hopefully the frames around it, the results will not be great, especially when certain angles of light shine on them. As I’ll explain, methods and tools are just as important for getting great results.

It is best to gather your lineup of tools or just hire a professional!

Whether you choose to use an ammonia or vinegar-based window cleaning solution, or some of the relative newcomers like hydrogen peroxide or plant-based cleaners, or simply a soapy solution, you will do your best when you learn how to effectively remove what is on the window and have extra accessories to agitate the tough contaminants safely. A simple liquid cleaner and plenty of elbow grease sometimes are just not enough. For a homeowner who would like to do it himself or needs to be frugal, learning by experimenting will usually work to a reasonable degree.
The best solution is to find an affordable professional window cleaning company in your area and let them wow you with amazing results they are able to attain from their research and hands-on experience. If you have a property with dirty glass in the Honesdale, Hawley, and Tafton areas, we would be thrilled to show you how clean your windows can be!
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